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Good and evil nudging

Nudging has been all the rage since Richard Thaler introduced the concept some years ago... and the British and American government started their 'nudge units' to encourage citizens to make better decisions. In this article Thaler presents examples of how nudging is...

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The importance of research design

I have had my first graduate class in Methodology, and have thus been primed to focus on potential flaws in research design. No wonder then, that when an article called: "Making it all up – The behavioral science Scandal" appeared in my facebook timline, I clicked,...

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De som blir igjen etter en nedbemanning

Elin Ørjasæther skriver om hvordan det stort sett går bra med de som blir igjen, SÅ LENGE bedriften har gjort en god jobb med å forklare HVORFOR de nedbemanner, og kriterinene de har brukt. Når man forstår tanken bak, er det lettere å akseptere det. Hun viser også at...

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Empathy and perspective taking

Empathy is getting a lot of critical attention now, Paul Bloom from Yale has given several talks on the topic, where is tagline is: “I am against it”.. his argument is that empathy is in part sympathy, and together with the fact that we have more sympathy for those...

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The fall of Nokia – The INSEAD perspective

An article from INSEAD about research into the reasons why Nokia fell from market dominance to insignificance within the mobile market, in just a few years. To quote the opening paragraph: "Nokia’s fall from the top of the smartphone pyramid is typically put down to...

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Science Isn’t Broken

Worth reading; explains why scientific results are not as clear cut and easy to draw conclusions from as many newspapers would want.

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