Bibliometrics is the quantitative analysis of large bodies of text, such as a collection of published academic articles. Here is a collection of my thoughts, links and rough and ready analysis using this approach. 

SNA measures are not like other measures

There is a multitude of measures in social network analysis (SNA). In other social sciences, great lengths are gone to develop robust and valid measures, with discrete validity, which means there are relatively few overlapping constructs; and some remain standard for...

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Bibliometric analysis of a department

Bibliometric analysis has  range of applications, a practical application is analyzing a research institution or department; such as in terms of topics, collaborations (both internal and external) and impact (in the form of citations) in the scientific community. To...

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What topics does your favorite journal publish?

Another day, another use for bibliometric analysis. I was recently at a conference where the editor of AMJ strongly recommended to read the mission statement of a journal before submitting; hitting the target is key to get it considered, and published. There is no...

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Academic mobility and impact

Two articles in Nature was nicely summarized in an Economist article recently. The key point is: The more open countries are and internationally mobile and connected researchers in a country are, the more artices with high citation are produced. It is worth noting...

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Bibliometric review

NOTE: this post is very much under development, and is largely just notes for myself.  What is a bibliographic reveiw? An effective way to synthesize a large body of research, using quantitative analysis, with network logic underpinning much of it. What types of...

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