I have great respect and admiration for authors who can present well research knowledge in an easy to understand format, thus making it more accessible for more readers. This section is devoted to such books.

Better writing by large and small cuts

Giants in the field of how to write well recommend brutal editing of ones own text; often said as: "murder your darlings". The advice is sound. A rule of thumb may be that one should have half the words left of the original draft. Some key points: Cut any parts that...

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Sensemaking in Organizations: Karl Weick

A book I am intending to read; Sensemaking in Organizations by Karl Weick. However, until I do, I came accross a nice summary of the concept here: Sensemaking has seven properties (Weick, 1995): Identity and...

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The time paradox

How we see time, the future, the past and present dictate how we live and see the world. In this book Philip Zimbardo puts it all in perspective. Do also see the books website at:   For a brief, but informative introduction, look at...

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